Become a Business Broker

The Bristol Group is seeking professionals to become business brokers and join our nationwide network of affiliates. Business brokers assist business owners in preparing and selling their businesses. The need for well-trained professionals to work in this exciting career has never been greater.

To learn more, call Trevin Rasmussen at (208) 938-3303.

The Bristol Group Brokers Network.

Trevin Rasmussen and Kelly Shaw created the Bristol Group Brokers Network to capitalize on the increasing demand for business brokerage services. The Bristol Group is a business brokerage firm with headquarters in Boise, Idaho. Over the years it grew into one of the most trusted firms in the Pacific Northwest. Now with our nationwide network of business brokers we are able to serve clients in all 50 states.

Trevin Rasmussen

Trevin Rasmussen

Kelly Shaw

Kelly Shaw

How it works.

The Bristol Group will train you how to obtain clients, prepare business valuations, identify and qualify potential buyers, negotiate offers, manage due diligence, and drive a deal to the closing.

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How you get paid.

Business brokers are paid a success fee, or commission, for successfully selling a business. Brokers may also earn fees for performing business valuations and consulting.

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What we provide.

As an Affiliate of the Bristol you will receive all of the legal documentation, marketing materials, and administrative tools to manage your own business brokerage firm in your local market.

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What you need to know.

To become part of the Bristol Group Brokers Network you will need to agree to the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Agreement. Request a copy of the Bristol Group Affiliate Agreement.

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How big is your market.

Each Bristol Group Affiliate operates in their local market to serve local business owners. Our national presence and network of business brokers gives you an enormous advantage and leads to greater commissions.

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Ready to get started?

  • Review the Affiliate Agreement
  • Obtain the necessary licensing in your state
  • Complete the Bristol Group training
  • Open your office and start contacting business owners

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To learn more, call Trevin Rasmussen at (208) 938-3303.