Advice on Buying or Selling a Business

Bristol Group provides resources that offer great advice on buying or selling a business. The following essential resources are all ideal for anyone looking to get the most out of their buying or selling process.

Buy or Sell the Right Way

There is a right way and a wrong way to buy or sell a business, regardless of what you should get out of buying or selling a certain business. Our resources will get you on the right track and ensure that you’re aware of every option. A long-term vision, proper promotion, having the right people in place, and rational decision making are all key steps toward maximizing the buying or selling process.

A Track Record You Can Count On

You can count on Bristol Group’s 30+ years of experience structuring transactions for individual buyers, business owners, corporate acquirers, and private equity groups. Since our inception, our once-small company has grown tremendously to accommodate the needs of all fifty states. Despite our size, we don’t see you as a number; Bristol Group takes an individualized approach that’s unique to each client.

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Complete Guide to Selling a Business

Complete Guide to Selling Your Business

This 133 page book is written for business owners that want to maximize the value of their business while increasing personal wealth.

Learn how to prepare your business for sale, structure a fair deal, negotiate favorable terms and conditions, and close the deal professionally and legally. The book is packed with practical tips for successfully transferring business ownership. ($14.95)

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