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Trevin Rasmussen
Trevin Rasmussen
Boise, Idaho
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Kelly Shaw
Boise, Idaho
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Alex Hart
Alex Hart
Idaho Falls, Idaho
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Royce Yorgason
Royce Yorgason
Northern, Utah
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Regina Angela Fisher
Regina Angela Fisher
North and South Carolina
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Charles Fite
Charles Fite
Las Vegas, Nevada
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Fabian Battaglia
Fabian Battaglia
Southern California
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John Marsh
John Marsh
Atlanta, Georgia
‭‭(770) 313-4579‬‬
Lorri DeBernardis
Lorri DeBernardis
New Jersey
‭‭(732) 962-5462‬‬
Tory Adair
Tory Adair
Gilbert, Arizona
‭(480) 388-0870

Latest Businesses for Sale

All Businesses for Sale

  • Medical Billing and Practice Management Company

    Asking Price: $ 1,495,000
    Cash Flow: $ 235,000

    This company provides full-service practice management including HR, payroll and consulting and also provides full service RCM. They have a long track record, quality management in place with an absentee owner, and clients located throughout the United States. More Information...

  • Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic

    Asking Price: $ 2,950,000
    Cash Flow: $ 778,000
    Location: Southwestern U.S.

    Very successful Chiropractic and Wellness clinic located in Nevada. The clinic has a full array of services and personnel with expertise to service the clients needs. Long term employees, quality reputation and great continued growth opportunity. More Information...

  • Global Organizational Consulting Business with Affiliates

    Asking Price: $ 743,000
    Cash Flow: $ 280,000
    Location: NC

    This consulting business provides leadership, team and organizational consulting and seminars for medium and large businesses. They primarily have North American clients with international locations but also clients headquartered outside of the US. Their specific focus is leadership, team and organizational agility, a topic that is now more than ever the key to continued success of any management and organization. This business for sale has developed IP with a registered trademark from the US Patent Office for their model, and the sale includes online assessment tools, guidelines, brochures, a book authored by the owners, comprehensive report templates and more. Furthermore, the owners started to develop a network of affiliates. Affiliates complete a certification process and subsequently resell the tools and material of this business to their consulting clients. The same certification process is also sold to clients for their internal consulting/training arm (train-the-trainer concept). More Information...

  • Breath freshener for health-conscience consumer market

    Asking Price: $ 0
    Cash Flow: $ 60,000
    Location: Southern California

    This company has developed breath fresheners geared toward health-conscience consumers. The products have significant market adoption and proven viability with over 10 years of shipment history to well recognized regional and National retailers. The company also supports some international business. This business is well positioned for expansion and market share gain. More Information...

  • Manufacturer of Home Decor and Accessories

    Asking Price: $ 299,000
    Cash Flow: $ 183,000
    Location: Atlanta, GA

    The company has been serving the design community and their clients for over 60 years with a focus on the home furnishing, contract, and hospitality markets. The company fabricates goods for residential and commercial customers. The company has a workroom that can cater to designer needs. The company manufactures custom draperies, café curtains, valances, shower curtains, pillows, bed skirts, metal and wood binds, custom headboards, and more. More Information...

All Businesses for Sale

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