Bridal Hair and Makeup Service Company

Location: Southeast US

This business is a boutique Bridal Hair and Makeup salon that specializes in providing a high touch, luxury experience for destination weddings, including onsite services, bridal lounge and travel to destination sites. The company supports over 600 weddings annually and has a stellar, 5-star...

Price: $800,000

Cash Flow: $223,974

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Established Bar Restaurant with Real Estate

Location: Dane County, WI

The company is a bar restaurant with a long history of profitability, loyal customer base, and long-term employees. 2021 was a complete recovery from 2020, and 2022 is on pace to be a record year. All suppliers, employees, and processes are in place for a smooth transition to new ownership.

Price: $250,000

Cash Flow: $92,000

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HVAC Business for Sale

Location: North Carolina

Full-service HVAC contractors primarily focused on residential new construction installations, as well as replacing HVAC units, ductwork, dehumidifiers, venting, and thermostat work. Further, the Business does custom mechanical work with load calculations, energy savings, and proper direction of...

Price: $1,450,000

Cash Flow: $481,283

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East Coast Property Management

Location: Eastern US

Property management company with just over 350 doors under management, mostly single family. What sets them apart from the other property management companies nearby is that they treat everyone’s property like their own. They are able to charge preferential pricing due to their great service and...

Price: $511,000

Cash Flow: $188,105

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Flooring Sales and Installation Company

Location: South Central WI

The company is a boutique flooring sales and installation business with growing revenue. Processes are in place for a smooth transition to new ownership, and a significant number of installations are booked 8-12 weeks out.

Price: $450,000

Cash Flow: $212,000

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Commercial Property Maintenance

Location: Philadelphia Region

This well established company provides commercial property maintenance services, including landscaping, lawn care, parking lot sweeping, snow removal, power washing and office cleaning. Customers include big box retailers, grocery chains, manufacturers and business offices. The owner is willing to...

Price: $3,500,000

Cash Flow: $650,000

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Pet Grooming Business in Eastern Idaho

Location: East Idaho

Introducing the opportunity to own the top-rated Pet Grooming business in Idaho, the Nation’s fastest growing State. This Grooming Parlor, with 30+ years of profitable success in one of Retail’s fastest growing Market Segments, Pet Care Services.

Price: $175,000

Cash Flow: $55,642

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Neurotherapy Center

Location: Dallas

Neuropathy center in Dallas, TX for sale. This Business uses Neurotherapy to retrain and enhance patients' brain function to help symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, OCD, Asperger’s/Autism, Early Dementia, Eating Disorders,...

Price: $599,000

Cash Flow: $229,032

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Art Studio in Pleasonton CA

Location: California

This art gallery is located in a high traffic downtown location, with a premier corner storefront. It has nearly every art style imaginable. In addition to selling fine art, including artwork, glass and sculptures, they provide custom art framing and one-of-a-kind handcrafted crafts and jewelry. All...

Price: $990,000

Cash Flow: $391,000

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Medical Billing Company (Florida)

Location: Florida

Full revenue cycle management company with established employees and long term clients. Owner is retiring. Diversity of accounts and opportunity for growth.

Price: $795,000

Cash Flow: $127,000

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