Breath freshener for health-conscience consumer market

Location: Southern California

This company has developed breath fresheners geared toward health-conscience consumers. The products have significant market adoption and proven viability with over 10 years of shipment history to well recognized regional and National retailers. The company also supports some international business....

Price: Contact Broker

Cash Flow: $60,000

Integrative Medical Center

Location: Southwest US

This medical office offers treatment for people struggling with autoimmune diseases, diabetes, arthritis, and chronic pain, just to name a few. They practice functional medicine, where the goal is to discover the origin of disease, illness, and poor health, and then treat that root cause through...

Price: $3,500,000

Cash Flow: $705,000

Long Haul Trucking


This is a long haul trucking company that has maintained the same two contracts for the past fifteen years delivering to the east coast. Assets include four trucks and five utility trailer.

Price: $345,000

Cash Flow: $17,000

Optical Thin Film Coatings

Location: Southern California

Custom optics producer with very fast turnaround time. Supplies to Aerospace & Defense industry, Industrial industry, major Consumer market suppliers, and leading University Research Labs. Manufacturing site equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and software allowing for high customization...

Price: Contact Broker

Cash Flow: $1,500,000

Custom Glass & Mirror Service

Location: Orange County CA

Family owned custom glass and mirror service founded in 1972. Provides custom and engineered solutions for Interior and exterior railing systems, shower enclosures and door systems, partitions and dividers, and related applications requiring precision customization. The company has been featured in...

Price: $392,000

Cash Flow: $159,000

E-Commerce Business with great possibilities

Location: Remote- Home based

Want to own your own multi-million dollar internet-based company with amazing reviews and over 1.3 million customers and no inventory? This company has invested over a million dollars and 10 years of work to create an amazing brand online. This company has a collection of high quality goods...

Price: $950,000

Cash Flow: $200,000

Appliance Repair Business

Location: Wilmington, NC

Profitable appliance repair business for sale. Well trained staff, efficient processes, exceptional customer service and effective marketing channels in place. This business has a great reputation for its attention to detail and cleanliness. The business services all major brands and has service...

Price: $625,000

Cash Flow: $220,000

Profitable and Growing Janitorial and Carpet Cleaning Company (Connecticut)

Location: Vernon Connecticut

Growing and profitable. Take advantage of this well ran and scale-able company. Company was originally founded in 2015 with the initial strategy to pick up small house and office accounts as a side business. Owner has continued to get more customers and, in the spring of 2017, bought out a...

Price: $170,000

Cash Flow: $100,000

Commercial Construction and Repair Company

Location: North Carolina

General contractor specialized in commercial construction and repair. This company provides metal work, roofing as well as concrete work. Excellent reputation, repeat customers, well trained crew that has been with the business several years and superintendents in place. Owner handles customer...

Price: $895,000

Cash Flow: $657,000

Carpet and tile and grout cleaning (absentee owner)

Location: Fresno

Located in Fresno California, this company has great monthly contractual revenue. With a hard working general manager willing to train for 6-8 months. The owner does not work day to day in the company. This business is perfect for an absentee owner. However, add $70k plus to your cash flow if you...

Price: $420,000

Cash Flow: $166,000

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